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Summer Magazine 2020

Dare To Dream

Who among us have never had some bold dreams? Knowing how to dream, making choices, ensuring continuity and, above all, being bold. How may young and not so young dare to dream, but often quit after a while. Why do they quit? Lack of support, lack of perseverance...

 Culture et Mission

The Secret Of The Mission

Missionary life holds many surprises. The greatest for me was, in 2013. When I received a nomination for Peru! I then packed my luggage and here I was on the plane for this new destination, my heart ful of joy, but also of apprehension...


Dare To Dream
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, mic
God and Coronavirus
– Midy Godefroy, s.j
The Missionary 5G
– Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c
 Paola's Story
– Louis Gary Cyprien
Délia Tétreault Museum: The  Secret of Objets
– Alexandre Payer
Being Bold during Pandemics
– Éric Desautels.
In the Service of God
– Eden B. Tabudlong, m.i.c. et Grezch Paderes
The Secret of the Mision
– Marie Collette Raeliarisoa, m.i.c

African Seduction
– Doris Twyman, m.i.c.
Contribution of the Magazine for the Care of Creation
– Pauline Boilard, m.i.c
With You, O Lord!

Spring 2020 Magazine

The Precursor and the precursors-a mission to share

Choosing the name of a magazine is to give it a vocation. In 1920, the Venerable Délia Tétreault chose to call her little newslatter: Le Précurseur/ The Precursor. What was her intention?


Cultures and Mission

The Precursor's Centennial: A brief overview

Tracing the history of catholoc missionary magazines in Quebec since the beginning of the 20th century means discovering the links established by the Quebec population with distant societies.


The Précursor and the Precursors
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c
The splendid outcome of a magazine
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c
The Precursor's centennial- A brief overview
– Éric Desautels
A window on the World
– Gloria Pérez Pupo, m.i.c.
Délia-Tétreault Museum:The secret life of objects
– Alexandre Payer
A return tothe village(Part II)
– Beverly Romualdo, m.i.c
A Child's prophetic dream
– Colette Soucy, m.i.c.
Centennial Painting: Délia Tétreault
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c

A New approach in mission territories
– Maurice Demers
The breath oh a dream
– Marie Nadia Noël, m.i.c

Evangelizing by way of MIC Mission News
– Ravaka Andréa Razafindahy, m.i.c

With you, O Lord


Winter 2020 Magazine

One Hundred Years: A breeze, no, A Strong Wind!

On Pentecost day a strong wind came to strenthen the apostles. Their fear was transformed into audacity. One hundred years ago, the Holy Spirit, always in motion, inspired audacious  Délia Tétreault to undertake something new On May 20, 1920,  she launched the mission magazine  Le Précurseur. Like a strong wind, the Sisters wholeheartedly went from villages to cities offering the magazine and sowing the Word of God...

Cultures and Mission

A return to the Village

In the Philippines, the Mangyans of Mindoro have their own own language and cultural identity. Their history has been linked with their relentless struggle to claim their ancestral lands.Thus, the struggle to secure the ancestral domains of the Algangan Mangyans has become a rallying cry of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception...


Yes, I dream!
–André Gadbois
One Hundre Years: A breeze, no, A strong Wind!
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon,m.i.c
God's inspiration in Délia's life
–Suzanne Labelle,m.i.c
The secret Life of Objects
–Alexandre Payer
A return to the village

( part 1)
–Beverly Romualdo,m. i.c, Dr Rica de los Reyes-Ancheta
What I Have, I Give to You
–Noëlline Rasoafara,m. i.c
Ecology Convention-Urgent Initiatives to Be Taken
–Lilia Frondosa,m.i.c.
The Courage of a Woman
–Noëlline Rasoafara,m. i.c
Bloom and Make the World Beautiful!
–Ruth Christine Nyalazi,m. i.c
A face of Mission
–Monique Fortier,m. i.c
One Hundred Years-Yet Still Youthful!
–Marie Rosette Lafortune,m.i.c.

Autumn 2019 Magazine

The Unknomn

When we think of our future, we might experience mixed emotions. It can challenge us to question our next move and this can bring about many worries. The future, what does it have in store for us? We would like to head into the unknown, we would like life to evolve, but we must also think how we can best equip ourselves for that future.

In focus

In Pursuit of God's Inspiration

Throughout the centuries, there has been a shortage of men and women willing to point humanity toward the right path. However, in every age, there has been people who tried to respond to the needs oh humans, such as food , clothing, shelter, and promoting social implications necessary to their particular era.


Jesus Exhorts and Questions
– André Gadbois
Awakening to the Wonders of Nature
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c
The MIC Spirit in South America
– Gisèle Lachapelle, m.i.c
Chili- A Church on the Move
– Gisèle Lachapelle, m.i.c
Objects and Their Secret Life
– Alexandre Payer
In Pursuit of God's Inspiration
– Lilia Frondoza, m. i.c
Using Music to Connect with Others
– Maurice Demers
A Fridge on the Forecourt
– Anita Perron, m.i.c.
We Never Leave Haiti
– Chantal Berttrand
Social Dimension of the Christian Faith
– Nicole Joly, m. i.c
Seving the People
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

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