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 Summer Magazine 2023

 5 minutes

Knock! Knock! Would you have five minutes for me? I have a small favor to ask you. Yes, I know, it may take a bit more time. It's true, but life is made up of these free moments that make everyone happy.

 Culture and Mission

Missionary Commitment in Philippines

Mother Delia, our foundress, used to say: It is not enough to express our gratitude to God in words; we must show it in our actions. Indeed, missionary life requires a contnuous commitment to the people. The Lord is present at every moment.



 The Joy of the Gospel: Serving

 5 minutes
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, M.I.C.
 A Celebration from Afar
–Sara Olga Pérez, M.I.C.
 M.I.C. Mission to the United States
–Claudette Bouchard, M.I.C.
 At the Service of the World
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, M.I.C.
 A Hopeful Resistance Will Take You Further
–Rosette Lafortune, M.I.C.
 Precious Kateri Tekakwitha
–Anne-Marie Forest
 Missionary Commitment in Philippines
–Gérarlyn Saldua, M.I.C.
 Growing and Progressing
–Nicole Rochon  
 A Failure is Not the End of the World
–Godefroy Midy, SJ
 Cyclone Freddy: M.I.C. Sisters of Malawi in Service Dress
–Luke Bisani
 The Smoke Was White
–Léonie Therrien, M.I.C.
 Peace Be with You
–Monique Bigras, M.I.C.
 With You, O Lord
–Léonie Therrien, M.I.C.


Spring 2022 Magazine

Victory of Life

After the long months of winter, a ray of spring sunshine is most welcome. The accumulated snow melts, the grass starts to emerge and, what joy, a snowdrop offers a glimpse of a little flower. Oh wonder, spring has arrived, the triumph of life...


Joy Little Music of the Day

Joy, that sweet and tenacious music that lies dormant within us, that sings in the middle of the day or accompanies tears... We must notice it and welcome it every day; it offers us many scores with white or black notes! The melody of little pleasures is an intro­duction to a deeper joy...


The Joy of the Gospel: LIVING

Victory of Life
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, M.I.C..
Joy, Little Music of the Day
–Évangeline Plamondon, M.I.C.
Restoring Hope tu Families of Loved Ones
–Maurice Demers
Between Neighbors
–Suzanne Labelle, M.I.C.
Living Differently in Joy
–Nicole Rochon
The MIC Legacy in Vancouver
–Éric Desautels
Resurrection of Christ and Creation
–Anne-marie Forest, peintre
Faith, Source of Joy
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, M.I.C.
The Joy of Inspiring and Light to Those Who Approach Us
–Raeliarisoa Voanginirina Séraphine, M.I.C.
Chinese Pastoral Centre Opens in Otawwa
–Cécilia Hong, M.I.C.
My Experience with the Tea Ceremony in Japon
Suzanne Morneau, M.I.C.
My Vocation, the Joy of the Gospel
–Raeliarisoa Voanginirina Séraphine, M.I.C.
How Beautiful you are
–Godefroy Midy, SJ
With You, O Lord
–Léonie Therrien, M.I.C.



Winter Magazine 2023

A Joyful Energy     

Heavy snowffalls will often cause power outages. Only then do we realize how dependent we are on this electrical energy. Might we say that electicity is a joyful energy?


Created for the Encounter

In recent days, I was fascinated by a forum being held for interreligious dialogue organized at the initiative of the King of Bahrain. From the beginning, the presence of Pope Francis left its mark...



 The Joy of the Gospel:


A Joyful Energy...
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, M.I.C.
Created for the Encounter
–Agathe Durand, M.I.C.
Meeting Immigrants, Past and Present
–Éric Desautels
The Joy of Living the Gospel
–Nicole Rochon
I Saw Faith in Her Eyes
Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, M.I.C.
Our Lady of the Atikamekw
–Anne Marie Forest
The Joys of the Mission
–Maurice Demers
What a Joy to Meet You
–Elmyre Allary, Marie Josèphe Simard, and Flore Savignac, M.I.C.
–Diane Fafard
Mary in the Spotlight
–Adrienne Guay, M.I.C.
Meet the M.I.C. Scholastics in Montreal
–Luisa Ruas and Linah Razafindraingo scho, M.I.C.

Autumn Magazine 2022

Making Do With...

Scientists have recently said that the earth is spinning a little faster so that our days no longer have exactly 24 hours. Had you noticed?...


Online Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic that broke out in 2020 was both a surprise and an uncertainty and it left humanity fragile and vulnerable. On the other hand, we saw how people were able to gradually recover from the situation.We witnessed the heroism and bravery of ...


Making Do With

Making Do With
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
Walking With The People oh God
–Maurice Demers
A Beneficial Stop
–Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
Like a New Wind
–Gloria Pérez Pupo, m.i.c
Mission en ligne
–Katherine B. Broso, m.i.c.
Haiti: A Profound And Hopeful Look
–Josette Augustin, m.i.c.
Make Way With
–Nicole Rochon
The Roots Of A Vocation
–Hoby Herisoa Andriamialy
A Dynamic Project
–Jacqueline Brage, m.i.c.
The Harvesting Route
–Marie Nadia Noël, m.i.c.
With You, O Lord
–Léonie Therrien, m.i.c

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