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Pilgrimage to the Philippines

07 March 2017

Pilgrimage to the Philippines
The first World Youth Day held in Rome in 1985 was followed by similar encounters attended by young people throughout the world. Manilla, Philippines, hosted the tenth World Youth Day in January 1995. Taking the theme «As the Father sent me, I also send you», Pope John Paul II called on the youth of the world to join «the never-ending mission to proclaim the Gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth». Two young pilgrims from Trois-Riviere recall this momentous event, which was enriched by a unique experience provided by the MIC of the Philippines.

By Julie Ayotte and Sylvie Jacques


After the last three World Youth Day events (Spain, Poland, U.S.A.), a delegation from Trois-Riviere responded again this year to the invitation of Pope John Paul II. Riding on the wings of our faith, we committed ourselves with great eagerness to a journey which took of to the ends of the world and to the end of a dream, to the beautiful Philippines Islands.


The Mangyans of Mindoro

We began our stay with a three-day immersion in the Mangyan tribe of the island of Mindoro. A scenery of extraordinary beauty awaited us! Mutual acquaintance was achieved through eye contact and simple gestures […]


(MIC Mission News, Vol. XXII, May-June 1995, p. 12)

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