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MIC Mission News – Winter 2018


A moment of reflection

By Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

The pace of today’s society is such that time is passing us by. Time slips between our fingers. We often hear people say: I did not have time; I do not have time, and yet… It’s up to us to manage our time, to give ourselves moments of rest, enjoy a pleasant visit with a friend, savour the silence or take a moment alone for inner reflection. A little like Martha and Mary in the Gospel, who took pleasure in the presence of the Lord, each in her own way. Or like Zacchaeus who, listening to his inner voice, climbed up the sycamore tree to see Jesus pass by, giving Jesus the chance to invite himself into his home.

Come down quickly, I must stay at your house today (Lk 19:5.6). What a surprising and touching invitation! As a tax collector, Zacchaeus selfishly collected his dues and exploited his fellow citizens, yet he gladly welcomed and dined with Jesus. This
intimate moment with Jesus was fruitful. Zacchaeus realized that deep in his heart was goodness, openness and generosity. What a beautiful discovery for him! His self-esteem certainly rose, because listening to the Lord brings pleasant surprises.

At the school of Jesus, our young Sisters (scholastics) learn to manage their time. They try to have intimacy with the Lord and live interculturally with respect, openness to others while sharing daily tasks. It is a time for spiritual renewal and in-depth integration of the missionary spirit of Thanksgiving, thus preparing them for their perpetual vows.

This is how Sisters Gisèle and Lise devote themselves to the nation of Haiti. Sister Gisèle, who is responsible for the publication of the magazine Ti-Moun Misoyne, visits primary school classrooms and suggests religious and mission activities for the students. Sister Lise prepares young people for a profession in nursing at the Catholic University of Hinche, a profession in which selflessness, devotion and love of neighbour are essential. Training these young people is a great success, as they are now ready to help relieve human suffering.

The Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission celebrated 100 years since their foundation. An occasion to thank the Lord, to celebrate and to share with those devoted to their cause. A procession in the streets of Chinatown, Montreal demonstrated their joy and their Quebecois pride.

All the articles in this issue speak of love, joy and the happiness which comes in serving others. Take the time to read them and allow yourself to be charmed by these moments of reflection. The Lord will come to you and feel at home in your heart.

Happy reading!


At the school of Jesus

By Audrey Charland

At the dawn of their departure, I managed to get an interview with the five young women who shared, in recent seasons, a house next to the MIC convent. Despite the apparent tranquility of these nuns in formation, when the time came to return to their home country, we sensed something in their meditative silence and their laughter, a certain nostalgia and a touch of excitement lighting up their eyes and words. No doubt their stay at the school of Jesus adequately prepared them for the school of life. For them, the missionary life

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