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MIC Mission News – Summer 2020


Dare To Dream

By Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

Who among us have never had some bold dreams? Knowing how to dream, making choices, ensuring continuity and, above all, being bold. How many young and not so young dare to dream, but often quit after a while. Why do they quit? Lack of support, lack of perseverance... Making a dream come true requires going deep inside ourselves to discover the motivations that boldly guide us towards what best meets our longings.

Great people have had some crazy dreams and they believed in them. Becoming President of the United States, incredible for a black man. Barack Obama succeeded. Greta Thunberg, despite her young age, mobilizes crowds for the climate and with her the  world  population  commits  itself to save the planet. In sports, Laurent Duvernay- Tardif, in addition to being a doctor, is a winner at the 2019 Super Bowl, not to mention Bianca Andreescu, a young tennis star. These characters of different ages and from such diverse back- grounds have conceived dreams, impossible at first glance, but with perseverance they overcame the obstacles to claim victory.

They won the sympathy of the community, their dream became the dream of the entire population, hence their success. In the Church, great saints have surrounded themselves with people who were in solidarity with their dream. St. Francis of Assisi, St. Ignatius of Loyola, Delia Tétreault have aroused the support of a community. Even Jesus surrounded himself with his apostles and with disciples who believed in his plans. They understood and committed themselves to following him. Even today, young people still leave their country to spread the Word of God. Sr. Marie-Colette in Pucallpa, Sr. Eden among the Filipinos in Hong Kong, Sr. Beverly in the Philippines and Sr. Monique in Latin America, all these missionaries have realized their dream to follow Christ. Bold dreams that found the necessary support from their families and communities.

Our world needs these heroes who see big and dare to conquer their dream.The centennial year of the magazine allows us to reflect on the need to dare to dream even in times of pandemic. As Éric Desautels mentions, Mother Delia did not sit idly by during the time of the Spanish flu or influenza. During the summer season, what answer will we give to our  dreams? Will  we dare to commit ourselves to supporting a young person, to fulfill his or her dream? We all need encouragement...

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The Secret Of The Mission

By Marie Colette Raeliarisoa, m.i.c.

Born in Miaramasoandro, Madagascar, I was part of a family of three girls and seven boys. I came to know Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate   Conception   through   the   youth movement, the Eucharistic Crusade. In my heart, I wanted to give myself totally to the Lord, to go all over the world to bring the Good News of Christ. But how could I announce my decision to my parents? One evening, I broached the subject and spoke to my mother about it. She said, Do you know what it is to be a missionary? -Yes, it is to be always available. Afterwards my mother talked about it with my father. He looked at me with tenderness With emotion, he said to me: If you want, I will help you.

Having joined the Sisters, I continued my studies and my spiritual formation and I pronounced my perpetual vows as M.I.C in 1994. Several experiences in my country led me to engage in various useful community services. I was  responsible for the formation of the younger sisters, which allowed me to participate in a large meeting of formators in Haiti. When I returned from this meeting, a service of authority was waiting for me in my M.I.C province. Now here I am among the poor in Manantay, Pucallpa, Peru.

Adaptation to the Peruvian environment

Four months of language study is a start, but the best way to learn is to overcome one’s fears and discomfort and start speaking the new language. Even if people laugh at you, you have to accept […]





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