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MIC Mission News – Autumn 2021


A New Beginning

By Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

With the rhythm of the seasons, the leaves on the trees amaze us with their shimmering colors, going from yellow and red to renewing themselves in spring with a tender, promise-filled green. In the same way, MIC Mission News magazine is having to reinvent itself in order to move forward. It is, in fact, necessary to know how to turn the page to be born again.

Indeed, for a hundred years, MIC Mission News has been able to adapt to society’s many transformations. Always on the alert, listening, to reach its readership efficiently and maintain its course to deliver a message of joy and hope.

As we learned in our enquiry letter, many of our faithful subscribers regret the end of the paper magazine and will no longer be able to follow us because of their advanced age and lack of Internet. Our hearts are saddened and we would like to thank them for their loyalty and their loving testimony. Nowadays, digital technology is becoming an imperative, a must in our ever- changing world.

How many times in her life our Foundress, Venerable Délia Tétreault, had to make difficult choices. But after praying and gathering infor- mation, she would courageously move forward, not only for herself but for her foundation and for the entire Church. Her leitmotif: courage and trust. Daring to take modern roads that seem beyond us, with the certainty that it is the right path. To go forward and dare to be born again. Good reading!

In Focus

With Gratitude and Boldness:

Bravely Facing the Future!


Par Micheline Marcoux, m.i.c.

As MIC Mission News prepares to take on new challenges, gratitude wells up in my heart. There are so many reasons to give thanks for all that has been achieved by our thousands of subscribers, women and men, over the past century! And isn’t gratitude one of the characteristics dear to Venerable Délia Tétreault, our Foundress, who gave birth to this magazine, which was an innovative project at the time? Now, here we are at the dawn of a renewal, daring to bravely face the future well beyond the age of one hundred!

Délia and the Means of Communication

Our Foundress knew how to leverage the means of communication proper to her time to foster evangelization, to stimulate and support missionary activities. The magazine was a primary tool. Mother Délia used creativity to provide missionary educators with suitable pedagogical means. Who remembers the magic lantern with its glass plates, ancestor of the slide projector? Our Archives and the Délia-Tétreault Museum keep its memory alive. So many technological instruments, more and more modern, have been used to illustrate the testimonies and missionary stories, during tours of  parishes and schools across the country!

The Future Unfolds

Any change on the horizon will bring about mixed feelings. The pandemic has certainly taught us to find new approaches. However the future of our magazine has been on the drawing board for a few years now. We are at a point of no return. One thing is certain: we must reinvent ourselves to move forward in a world of continuous change, where digital technology has become a must [ … ]




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