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MIC Mission News – Autumn 2022

Making Do With...

By Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

Scientists have recently said that the earth is spinning a little faster so that our days no longer have exactly 24 hours. Had you noticed? I hadn’t! The earth spins, events follow one another, some leave their mark, others fly away without us having the time to pay attention.

The COVID-19 virus continues to make its mark on the hearts of many people. Today we realize that we have to deal with it. It is the same with the wars that threaten on all sides, making so many victims and turning our hearts upside down. And how many natural disasters, like floods, forest fires, droughts, earthquakes and, most recently landslides, making people lose their home! Even if we sympathize, life leads us forward, we have to go with it.

The visit of Pope Francis brought us an important message about historical events that have deeply affected native Canadians, our indigenous brothers and sisters. Today, all these facts are presented to our reflection. Are we inclined to wash our hands of them? The Pope’s message has awakened our sympa- thy and concern for all these innocent victims and their grieving families.

Today, each one of us is given a chance to develop a new way of looking at things, a feeling that expresses goodness, that knows how to discern the wheat from the chaff. In our country we are increasingly experiencing cultural and religious diversity, it is with respect that our great country welcomes immigrants of all races, religions and cultures. We are a welcoming land, which requires openness of heart and mind; it is not always easy to open up to others and respect them, to give them a hand in their acculturation. Are they welcome—especially in these times when work- force is increasingly scarce? As God’s people, let us remember that Jesus is the Shepherd of our lives, who takes care of us because he loves us. We are asked the same generosity, in order to show concern for all and compassion for each person’s wounds. God is near and He accompanies us every day.

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  Online Mission

  By Katherine B. Broso, M.I.C.

I was fortunate to have fellow teachers encourage me and remind me that teaching young people has great value. It is the preparation of their future,  and I feel appreciated and loved.

My second year also offered me a unique journey with its own twists and turns. A sister reminded me that prayer should never be neglected, and I heeded that. So, I did my best to be faithful to the time reserved for Jesus. I firmly believe that this is the reason why I was able to manage well in my second year as a counselor. The students in my care surely brought out the best in me, so the Magnificat remains my favorite song.

I will never forget that my life was made richer through meaningful encounters with two people, Aetrix and Zephia, during my time at ICA. Even though all of our activities were in front of the screen, these young

women taught me to be more loving, generous and grateful no matter what the circumstances. The two years spent with the M.I.C.s of ICA were a wonderful opportunity to learn about the culture of these young people and to see how the spirituality of thanksgiving bequeathed by Venerable Delia Tétreault is instilled and lived out by the key players and lay collaborators. Yes, gratitude speaks even at a distance, online! It is in accordance with Saint Paul who says: Thank God at all times.

It is said that there is no goodbye in mission, just see you soon. I let the Spirit lead me and I had my share of small triumphs and challenges. Now I move forward with great hope and gratitude to the next mission God has in store for His beloved daughter. Thank you, Lord!

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