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MIC Mission News – Autumn 2019


The Unknown

By Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

When think of our future, we might experience mixed emotions. It can challenge us to question our next move and this can bring about many worries. The future, what does it have in store for us? We would like to head into the unknown, we would like life to evolve, but we must also think how we can best equip ourselves for that future.

We often hear: we must live the present moment. True, but a tiny inner voice whispers – but am I really equipped to continue? How much longer will I live? Will I have enough means to assure my retirement years? Who will take care of me when I become sick? Life is precarious and the unknown is frightening. Every turning point in life beckons us forward while disconcerting questions arise. It is part of the human condition... we don’t know.

However, God is always present and he calls us to trust, to have confidence, to have faith in the risen Lord. He did say: I am with you always, even to the end of the age (Mt 28:20).

Currently, we are inundated with apocalyptic signs concerning the environment, the governments, the Church. The bad  news shake our faith, our trust. On the other hand, we always have the choice to look at the positive side of things, to be inspired by people who dedicate their lives serving others, like Jean Vanier who died recently.

Confronted with the Chilean Church scandals or elsewhere in the world, Pope Francis makes us understand that the Church needs everyone to respond to this crisis, individual and collegial support are necessary. How to react? Sister Nicole tells us about her faith through life’s twists and turns, Sister Gisèle admires the faithfulness of the Chilean AsMIC (associates).

Are we not all touched, all affected by the current events as well as the unknown? Our indispensable tool is TRUST; there will always be a helping hand to rescue us. The Lord Jesus walks with us on the shores of life and when his footprints become united with ours, it means he is carrying us on his shoulders, in his heart.

The Fall season reminds us that even though the trees seem to gradually become lifeless, they will reappear full of life next spring

In Focus - In Pursuit of God's Inspiration

While searching for meaning in my life and wanting to know God’s plan for me, I read books which helped me reflect.The following inspired me to go deeper.

By Lilia Frondosa, m.i.c.

Throughout the centuries, there has been a shortage of men and women willing to point humanity toward the right path. However, in every age, there has been people who tried to respond to the needs of humans, such as food, clothing, shelter, and promoting social implications necessary to their particular era.

In our age, there is certainly no shortage of books, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, web sites, radio shows, seminars, television programs attempting to speak to our very real needs in ways that are relevant and engaging. But amid this apparent abundance, there is a great poverty – the shortage of men and women willing to lead humanity along the right path with the example of their own lives. During the course of history, authentic lives have been ever so rare.

Grounded in the faith that God loves me unconditionally, I said “YES” to His Call in spite of my parents’ objections as I was the eldest in a family of nine siblings. I trusted the Lord and believed that if He called me to carry out His purpose, He would take care of my family I left behind. True indeed, He did not fail me in my expectations.  [ … ]

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