Great disaster at Naze – Boarding-school partly destroyed by a terrible typhoon

On Sunday, the feast of St. Michael, a terrible typhoon shook Naze, causing great damage especially to our boarding-school. Let me first tell you that we are all safe and sound. How can we ever thank Divine Providence for the visible protection shown us. It is true that the damages amount to 3,000 yen, but, after all, what is that compared to the loss of lives, and there were none.

Mission Exhibit held in Springfield

By an anonymous person   An important Mission Exhibit, the first in the Diocese, was held in the Springfield auditorium, under the auspices of His Excellency Most Reverend Thomas M. O'Leary, Bishop of Springfield, from October 15th to 19th last. In response to His...

Cultivating dignity in Haiti

Interview with Sylvie Ouellet by Marie-Eve Homier Violent political unrest, a powerful tropical storm, disastrous floods... Many days of mourning have brought sadness to Haiti's bicentennial year. Although some foreign countries generously responded to its distress...

Summer 2018 Magazine

Entirely human

The theme of this issue, MEMORY LINKS, led me to reflect upon the proper vocation of each human being. True, memory is important because it helps us remember persons we once knew, or events that took place; it helps us to study, to foresee, to consider.

In Focus

With the Youth, Proclaim the Gospel to All!

In October 2017, Pope Francis declared that an extraordinary missionary month would take place in 2019. He also wished that October 2018 would be a month to prepare for the following year’s event. Below is an extract of Pope Francis’ letter dated October 22, 2017.


As We Remember
- André Gadbois
Day of the Dead — a Feast Full of Life
- Maurice Demers
Mission in Its Humble State

- Audrey Charland
The Fantasies of God in Délia’s Life

- Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c.
With the Youth, Proclaim the Gospel to All
- Cf. Œuvres pontificales missionnaires
Délia on Stage

- Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
Malagasy Celebrations — Veneration of Ancestors
- Emilienne Raherimalala
Parting — Recalling — Celebrating
- Éric Desautels
The Agape Application

- Suzette Jean, m.i.c.
A Faithful Service
- Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
At the Risk of Conversion
- Micheline Lagüe, m.i.c.

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