Cultivating dignity in Haiti

Interview with Sylvie Ouellet by Marie-Eve Homier Violent political unrest, a powerful tropical storm, disastrous floods... Many days of mourning have brought sadness to Haiti's bicentennial year. Although some foreign countries generously responded to its distress...

Where are you?

Sr. Anita Perron’s heart was singing as she left on a mission expedition for the remote and neglected village of San Antonio, nestled somewhere in the mountains of Bolivia.

Visiting Madagascar

Like a huge sabot riding the waves, Madagascar lies southeast of Africa, at about 240 miles from Mozambique. No European knew of its existence until the summer of the year of grace, 1500, when a Portuguese fleet of thirteen ships sailed the waters of the Indian Ocean on a voyage of exploration.

Spring 2018 Magazine

Roots of hope

The bougainvillea could be compared to the Word of God. The missionary sows the Word and by the grace of God it takes root in the human heart.

In Focus

A dream of liberation

Since 1942, hundreds of missionaries from Quebec have gone to Haiti to evangelize the population and support the local Church, as well as help the people in their quest for emancipation.


Taking action
- André Gadbois
The hope of harvest
- Éric Désautels
Chinese youth in Montreal

- Wilson Wong
The fantasies of God in Délia's life

- Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c.
A dream of liberation
- Maurice Dermers
Being committed to a true cause

- Carole Guévin
CAM-5 Project - Bolivia / Peru 2018
- Audrey Charland
Evangelization in Continental China
- Therese Peug, asmic
« Viva mi patria Bolivia! »

- Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c.
A daring hope
- Jeanne Ostiguy, m.i.c.

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