As we’ve previously mentioned, the completion of this ambitious project would not have been possible without the help of various professionals working tirelessly for over a year. Let us hope that the Virtual Center of the MIC Historical Missionary Memory will satisfy everyone’s needs and desires. We would like to thank our collaborators for their contribution and commend their unwavering commitment during the course of this adventure. We hope our efforts made Délia smile.

Denis Pépin

General Director of Archives Lanaudière,
and his team who was responsible for digitizing 976 magazines and creating the indexes.

André Kahlé

engineer, Archi-log software designer and search portal creator.

Sophie Caron

of Caron Communications graphiques,
responsible for creating the Web’s interface.

René Cournoyer

of RC Compu-NIC / Données Inc.,
computer consultant.

Alexandre Kenny

of Kogik informatique,
site creation and hosting.

Megan Callahan

translator: English version of the Web content.

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