Autumn 2017 Magazine

LNuggets of Gold

Who would not go running, sieve in hand, to find gold at the bottom of a river? Yet, this precious gold we are searching for might not be where we think it might be…

In Focus

Un unforeseen discovery

When lay missionaries hear the CALL to go beyond their own boundaries, to be missionary disciples, the story of their experience is unique. Still journeying in a new land, André and Odette mull over their months abroad and they share with us their thinking and their discovery.


We Must Believe, Friend
- André Gadbois
A Little Piece of Me
- Audrey Charland
A New Museum and Its Story

- Jeanne Gauvin, m.i.c.
An Unforeseen Discovery

- Odette Beaudoin & André Larivière
Rose’s Garden
- Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
Kanyanga – Promises of Life

- Jacqueline Vachet, m.i.c.
Today, the Lord Is Calling You
- The Editor
To Live Is to Love With All Your Heart

- Cecilia Hong, m.i.c.

Summer 2017 Magazine


In countries with hot climates, the inhabitants know what it’s like to be thirsty. In the city of Les Cayes, Haiti, researchers have located a plentiful spring, one that flows day and night.

In Focus

S.O.S. Peru 2017

The importance of water in our lives is undeniable. It can save lives but it can also destroy. Recently in Peru, torrential rains caused rivers to overflow; massive mudslides swept away roads, bridges, and farms in the region of Huachipan.


An Inexhaustible Spring
- André Gadbois
Searching for Our Summit
- Audrey Charland
Water: A Source of Life and Development
- Suzanne Lachapelle
Photo Story – S.O.S. Peru 2017
- Monique Fortier, m.i.c.
Creating Your Own Happiness
- Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
Bloom Where You Are Planted
- Pham Thi Dieu Hien, m.i.c.
Let Your Sun Shine
- Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c.
A Vegetable Greenhouse Beats the African Sun
- Huguette Ostiguy, m.i.c.

Spring 2017 Magazine

My marriage announcement

Yes, I want us all! Here is my marriage announcement, and everyone is invited to the joyful occasion. A marriage with humanity, no less!

In Focus

Crying with the poor of Malawi

Malawi was once upon a time a beautiful prosperous land, with its large blue lake, mountains covered with trees, many small rivers of running water, large green gardens, children enjoying plenty of fruits falling from trees, and smiling people with welcoming hearts.


The Humdrum of Everyday Life
- André Gadbois
We – the Sum of I
- Audrey Charland
Us – the World
- Émilien Roscanu
A Finger Is Worth Two Teeth
- Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c.
Crying With the Poor of Malawi
- Huguette Ostiguy, m.i.c.
No – to Hatred
- Suzanne Boivin
A Recycled Missionary – ad gentes
- Cecilia Hong, m.i.c.
On the trail of Delia
- Librada Bantilan, m.i.c.
Living With My Difference
- Gabrielle Drouin, m.i.c.
In My Heart
- Suzanne Morneau, m.i.c.

Winter 2017 Magazine

Your light will shine

Imagine a bridge covered in lights! To commemorate Montreal’s 375th birthday, the city will be undertaking this lavish project. The beautiful bridge will light up the city. Everyone will celebrate!

In Focus

Bridges lighting up

Residents of all ages, once strangers, now gather and chat amicably. Some wander through the alley together, while others sit on brightly coloured benches and watch their children play. The Alley of Peace is alive with the buzz of cicadas and the hum of new relationships.


A Bridge Called Jesus
- André Gadbois
The MIC International Scholasticate
- Andrey Charland
Dear Montreal, It’s Your Turn
- Émilien Roscanu
- Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
Alley of Peace
- Suxanne Boivin
At the Heart of Papua
- Grégoire Viau
Marriage – The Visible Sign of a Creative Love
- Cecilia Hong, m.i.c.
On the Trail of Délia
- Carmèneta Beauplan, m.i.c.
Come and See
- Ravaka Andréa Razafindahy, m.i.c.