Welcoming cities

Since always, immigrants have chosen to make their new homes in large cities. In the area of Côte-des-Neiges, in Montreal, they comprise 70% of the population. Their presence in their new surroundings inspires far-reaching effects.

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I remember when I was yet a school girl hearing Chiloé described as a «strange remote island» off the Chilean coast. Little did I then think I would one day be assigned to it as a missionary!

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Excerpts from the Diary of our Missionary Sisters en route to Katete Mission, Northern Nyasaland

Smiles, someone has written, are one of the requisites for sanctity. If so they be, the natives who hailed us so heartily at Ntakataka Station this morning are all prospective candidates for canonization. How we should have liked to say even a word of friendliness – but the medley of Babel is still to be deplored in our twentieth century!

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Pilgrimage to the Philippines

Taking the theme «As the Father sent me, I also send you», Pope John Paul II called on the youth of the world to join «the never-ending mission to proclaim the Gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth». Two young pilgrims from Trois-Riviere recall this momentous event, which was enriched by a unique experience provided by the MIC of the Philippines.

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Taize, Council of youth

I made the somewhat daring project of forming a team of young people who would prepare fot the Council of youth by a short stay at the Taize priory, in France.

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