Nuggets of Gold

By Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

Who would not go running, sieve in hand, to find gold at the bottom of a river? Yet, this precious gold we are searching for might not be where we think it might be… Did you ever consider that in the heart of people is where the precious gem can be found? Sometimes it is difficult to find, but once the mystery is uncovered, the gold nuggets of friendship are much more valuable than all the material wealth in the world. John Foley, s.j. in his song Earthen Vessels, tells us that we hold a treasure, not made of gold, in earthen vessels, wealth untold…
In this issue the Promises of Life show us that, throughout life, there are always treasures to be discovered. Hence the creation of our museum which testifies to the life of Délia Tétreault and to the missions carried out by missionaries all over the world. Today, more than ever, the call of Christ’s mission beckons to us.
Such was the experience of André and Odette. They did not go to Peru
to find gold, but to discover the hearts of the Andean people. Despite the difficulties one expects to encounter when interacting with a new culture, they found more than gold in Cauday, in the great mountains of Cajamarca— they discovered a friendship with the people there.
Similarly, André and Diane received a warm welcome, and joyfully shared the exchanges they had during their pilgrimage in the footsteps of Mother Marie-Anne, Foundress of the Sisters of Sainte-Anne.
For Audrey, the length of her beautiful golden hair did not stop her from taking scissors to her mane to bring joy to little girls with cancer.
On the banks of the Prairies’ river, a special Rose has flourished despite the difficulties in life. With words of encouragement and shared friendship, see how this flower was able to bloom and grow.
When the Lord gave his great commandment to love, he knew the power of his words. Promises of life, promises of God. Let your joy be perfect. If we knew how to listen, to love… there would be no more attacks on the front pages of our newspapers, spreading fear and death. Jesus’ words give life: as missionaries, we seek to live out these words in our daily lives. We know that material riches last only a short time. Inner joy is the eternal treasure that lies at the bottom of the rivers of our hearts. Collecting these nuggets of gold is the promise of life offered by the Lord.
If ever you drive by Laval, QC, you are invited to stop and come visit the Déliat Tétreault museum.


An unforeseen discovery

By Odette Beaudoin and André Larivière

Leaving… An ambiguous word that could mean a positive change, with new joyful challenges but it could also mean experiencing sadness, doubts, sacrifices, especially when it means leaving behind our children, our friends, our family, our job. All this because we want to respond to a beckoning CALL that is present in our heart. Without knowing why, that CALL is there, every day, every night, since our youth.

Tacking action

We want to understand what this CALL is all about. Therefore, we knock at different doors, we approach some religious communities, we inquire, we attend some missionary presentations, we are in contact with witnesses, receive some mission-oriented training without even knowing if we will have the possibility of responding to the CALL. Very much like the rich young man in the gospel who asked Jesus what he had to do to follow Him; there is a choice to make, sometimes difficult and heartbreaking. We finally decide to follow the CALL and accept whatever may come along the way [ ... ]