WYD 2011 the Pope’s youthfulness

The World Youth Days (WDY) are a great opportunity for the Christian youth from around the world to meet the Pope and to celebrate their faith together. The activities are not only for Catholics but for all young people who wish to live an unforgettable experience of...

Pastoral counselling in Malawi

How valuable to be able to count on someone’s help to get a clearer view of one’s life and to improve one’s being and commitment!


Blessed rice pots

Kuanhsi, Formosa By Sister Imelda of the Eucharist, m.i.c. Lei Chao Mei no longer walks in the darkness. Thanks in part to the good offices of her best friend, Chen Sieou Kiu, the light of Truth now illumines the pathway of her life. Chao Mei’s strong, magnetic...

Summer 2017 Magazine


When it was first discovered, the people said: We will turn off our taps to save this precious water. But according to specialists: The water must flow at all times, otherwise the spring will be diverted.

In Focus

S.O.S. Peru 2017

The importance of water in our lives is undeniable. It can save lives but it can also destroy.


An ihexhaustible spring
– André Gadbois
Searching for our summit
– Audrey Charland
Water: a source of life and development

– Suzanne Lachapelle
S.O.S. Peru 2017

– Monique Fortier, m.i.c.
Creatinf your own happiness
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.
Bloom where you are planted

– Pham Thi Dieu Hien, m.i.c.
Let your sun shine
– Suzanne Labelle, m.i.c.
A vegetable greenhouse beats the African sun

– Huguette Ostiguy, m.i.c.

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