Where are you?

Sr. Anita Perron’s heart was singing as she left on a mission expedition for the remote and neglected village of San Antonio, nestled somewhere in the mountains of Bolivia.

Visiting Madagascar

Like a huge sabot riding the waves, Madagascar lies southeast of Africa, at about 240 miles from Mozambique. No European knew of its existence until the summer of the year of grace, 1500, when a Portuguese fleet of thirteen ships sailed the waters of the Indian Ocean on a voyage of exploration.

Philippine Islands

A touching conversion rejoiced us a few months ago.

Winter 2018 Magazine

A moment of reflection

The pace of today’s society is such that time is passing us by. Time slips between our fingers. We often hear people say: I did not have time; I do not have time, and yet…

In Focus

At the school of Jesus

At the dawn of their departure, I managed to get an interview with the five young women who shared, in recent seasons, a house next to the MIC convent.


Zacchaeus, Come Down!
- André Gadbois
Challenged By the Diversity of Churches
- Pauline Boilard, m.i.c.
The Progress of Ti-Moun Misoynè

- Gisèle Vachon, m.i.c.
The Religious World of Montreal

- Carole Guévin
At The School of Jesus
- Audrey Charland
A Crowning Achievement

- Lise Tremblay, m.i.c.
Healing African Dance
- Ruth Christine Nyalazi, m.i.c.
Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission

- Cecilia Hong, m.i.c.
On the Road With Denise
- Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

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