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Great disaster at Naze – Boarding-school partly destroyed by a terrible typhoon

On Sunday, the feast of St. Michael, a terrible typhoon shook Naze, causing great damage especially to our boarding-school. Let me first tell you that we are all safe and sound. How can we ever thank Divine Providence for the visible protection shown us. It is true that the damages amount to 3,000 yen, but, after all, what is that compared to the loss of lives, and there were none.

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Pilgrimage to the Philippines

Taking the theme «As the Father sent me, I also send you», Pope John Paul II called on the youth of the world to join «the never-ending mission to proclaim the Gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth». Two young pilgrims from Trois-Riviere recall this momentous event, which was enriched by a unique experience provided by the MIC of the Philippines.

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A Visit to the Isle of Prayer

For almost forty years, the MIC Sisters took care of the people with leprosy on St. Joseph’s Island, providing food, lodging, care and comfort. After overcoming many obstacles, including war, the last four Sisters had to leave their work when they were expelled by the communists in June 1952.

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