By a MIC Sister

Apostolic activities of the Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception, Manilla, Philippine Islands


A touching conversion rejoiced us a few months ago.

An old lady of the Fo tao Co family, was brought to the light of the Faith after having reared her children and grandchildren as far as the fifth generation in the shadow of paganism.

For two years already we had been following this great-grandmother who was exposed to severe assaults on the part of the Prince of Darkness. The Evil One seeing his prey about to escape him, made supreme efforts to reseize it.

The first explanations of the Catholic Religion were well received, but how was it possible for her to renounce all of a sudden practices which had filled a life almost a century? At first, dear old granny tried to liberate her conscience by asking a servant to accomplish the rites which she had been forbidden to observe. Little by little, however, grace triumphed over the rigid nature and the grotesque idols were definitively abandoned. A standing crucifix was given the place of honour in our catechumen’s homeand she very fervently prepared for the reception of the Sacrament of Baptism.

Eight days before the end of her long career of ninety-four years, this labourer of the last hour was admitted into the Lord’s vineyard. She did not wait long for her salary, for she soon went to enjoy the infinite happiness of Heaven […]


(The Precursor, March-April 1941, p.109-110)