The young may be introduced to pastoral activities in various provisional and unexpected ways. During the course of my studies I made the somewhat daring project of forming a team of young people who would prepare fot the Council of youth by a short stay at the Taize priory, in France.

(MIC Mission News, March-April 1973, p. 204)

I worked on this project together with the students of five CEGEP in the Eastern Townships. Animators of pastoral in these colleges gave me unlimited encouragement. From October 1971 to March 1972, all our free time was spent in seeking information and trying to increase our financial resources with a view to the projected trip to Taize.

Material organization and concrete planning allowed us to create a friendly atmosphere. All worked with patience and tenacity or purpose. We were also helped in a spiritual manner by the prayer of contemplative nuns.

Our aim was not merely the trip to France. We were chiefly interested in preparing adequately for the future Council of youth […]